Becoming//The Thirties - Nikki

Another power house female joined the studio earlier this year. I also had the pleasure of meeting her mum who came up with Nikki all the way from Nowra (Waaay far away for anyone who is not familiar with NSW geography). What I didn’t know, was that Nikki has a non-for profit organisation called Empower Me which raises awareness of mental health in children - AND had a photo exhibition which featured portraits of the children. Likeminded or what. I was a little blown away and so happy that our paths had crossed.

This is Nikki’s story

“Turning thirty seemed quite scary and overwhelming for me. I remember as a child I thought it was just so old. But on the day of my thirtieth birthday I remember thinking, wow it really doesn’t feel that bad after all. I had achieved so much personally and was looking forward to the next chapter of my life. My life seemed pretty fulfilled as I was happily married and had three beautiful children; Brayden 8, Ashton 3 and Zali 1.

I also thought that as you got older your life kind of slows down a little, but boy was I wrong. When I look back on my thirties I cannot believe how much I have achieved.  I completed a three year teaching degree in four years, worked fulltime as a preschool educator, co-ran a small business, started writing a blog, self-published a book called ‘Empower Me,’ became an Ambassador for the Body Image Movement and opened my own Not-For Profit organisation called Empower Me, which raises awareness of mental health in children, by proving camps, programs and talks around self-esteem, body image and resilience.

When I look back on all that I have done, I’m proud, but bloody exhausted. When you are in the middle of living life you don’t realise how time just ticks away.

I’m a self-motivated person who is always looking to make an impact on children’s lives. But somewhere along this busy life, I have forgotten to take care of me. As a mother, wife, co-worker and employer you are constantly thinking about others. But forgetting about myself.

 What I have realised coming into my last year before the big 40, that I have to put me first. I’m not scared at all about turning forty. I’m actually excited and ready to embrace it.

Of course I will continue my passions, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. But what I do want, is to take time to breathe, time to enjoy my family and friends, time to live life and time to just be!”

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Stine X