Becoming//The Thirties - Jody

This week it’s all about Jody. I met Jody via this project and she has become such an inspiration to me - as a photographer and a new mum. She has overcome so so much and despite her struggles, she is the warmest most smiling, loveliest person. Jody, I adore you.

This is her story.

“Stine, I feel honoured to be involved in this Project.  A heartfelt thank you for providing me with these images that will be gifted to my children.

Being an aspiring Photographer myself - I really admire what you’re doing for Young Women by capturing them in such a beautiful way & raising awareness about Mental Health by sharing these intimate stories.  

I agree that during this time so much transforms in our lives.  For me personally in my 30’s I became a wife, a mother to 2 beautiful girls, endured a heartbreaking miscarriage, built our first home, ran our own business and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 34 - no family history, no warning signs.  Just a random lump that I discovered lying in bed one night.   I underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and numerous surgeries within the weeks & months following that diagnosis.  I’m 2.5 years from treatment now… but anxiety and fear of cancer reoccurrence haunts any cancer survivor – forever.  

Prior to all of this I sadly lost my father to suicide in my 20’s so my family and I have had to deal with tremendous grief around that loss and then navigate through life the best way possible.

It hasn’t been until my thirties that I have realised the importance of my own self care routine in an effort to ‘nurture the nurturer’ so to speak.  It’s vital in maintaining my own mental wellbeing.  My self care strategies include:  using essential oils daily, regular massages, Epsom salt baths (with a sneaky glass of wine!) walking and getting out with my camera doing something I love.  When I give these gifts to myself I feel refreshed and clearer in the mind to keep riding the highs and lows of life.  “

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