My Fashion Week Debut on the runway....

...ok. It would have been nice to have finished that sentence off with 'as a model' but no. Instead it was as a photographer which isn't too bad either ( and yes, I am totally joking here!!). I love photography and I jump at any chance I have to gain new experiences in my field. Weddings are awesome, so are events, families and actor/model portraitures. And fashion. It is just so god damn beautiful to shoot! So here I was, yesterday afternoon, backstage with fashion photographer Kay Sukumar, what seemed a million models, make up & hair people and Betty Tran.  I kinda had to pinch myself. Twice. Another experience richer, another smile upon my lips :)

Gown by Betty Tran

Betty Tran MBFW 2015
Betty Tran MBFW 2015 Runway