In the name of photography...

Where did January go? I am just asking because I certainly cannot fathom that the first month of the new year is already drawing to a close! And I am sure I am not alone. Did you also look twice at your local grocery shop when those easter buns jumped into view? I was like..." eerrr...already but it's only JUST january...". No. No it is not. It is nearly February. 

So. In the beginning of this new year I set some goals, personal and business ones. Because apparently that's how "shit gets done", says the wise and seasoned photographers and entrepreneurs. Obviously none of these goals have been reached yet but I did manage to do something else that was pretty awesome. 

Assisting Kay Sukumar

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to assist the fabulous mister Kay Sukumar who is a ridiculously talented - and I mean stupid talented (this guy has only been shooting for 3 years!!) - fashion photographer currently living and breathing fashion photography in Sydney. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Without fail. This man is a machine. 

The Indian born Kay has spent the past 7 years in Australia, mainly Melbourne and moved to Sydney in mid 2014. Over the course of just 3 years he has gone from shooting model folios in his flat - he even sold his bed so he could allow more space for his bedroom studio set up - to producing some highly anticipated fashion campaigns for the local Sydney fashion and beauty industries. Recent campaigns include House on Fire and Cosette. His website is a sea of delicious fashion photographs with impeccable attention to detail, composition, colour, tone and lighting. Oh the lighting. Only another photographer could truly appreciate the skill involved in perfecting lighting, however, to the untrained eye I dare say there is plenty to fall in love with also. 

I spent the day with a powerhouse team that Kay had brought together so we could all enjoy doing what we love and our little hearts burn for. We come together, we learn, we meet and we enjoy. And we create. I am still in awe of Kay's approach to his folio work. When asked if he does a lot of planning before a monster shoot like this (4 models, each four looks) he calmly said..."depends a little, if I am shooting for a client we do a lot of planning but for my folio work I sort of just see what happens on the day" inner control freak nearly died. Seeing it all come together a few hours later brought inner control freak back to life. 

Kay's goal is to be published in Vogue - 3 times in a row. And only THEN has he made it. He is surrounded by talented friends, is being mentored by one of Australia's best fashion photographers (please excuse me, I never caught his name properly, shame on me), possesses determination and commitment that is hard to come by. And he is nice. 

If Kay doesn't make it, no one ever will. 

Team for the day - 

Kay Sukumar - 

Kortex Hair

Angie Y Makeup Artstyle

Nicole Abbey (Model)

Cissy Zhang (Model)

Age of Intimacy (lingerie)

Mark Greene (Stylist)

Tarese Klemens (Designer)