2014 Wedding Showreel now LIVE!

If you are like me and technologically inhibited - let's be honest here, I ain't no Steve Jobs - this video/slideshow/showreel was a massive hill to climb. I know my camera inside out but to make a video was like....(sounds of crickets). But here it is. My 2014 Wedding Showreel! 

I plan to make 2015 all about overcoming fears, obstacles and challenges. So I am very keen to hear if any of you are thinking the same thing. What are your biggest fears or obstacles to overcome? Have you made plans to try and get over that hill or are you stuck and not sure how on earth you are going to hold that sweet goal in your little hands by the end of 2015? I feel you. 

Cheers to a New Year - and overcoming your fears. Salute!