A SoulFULL Affair - Intimate Self Love Event for Women

Back in November I joined The Soulful Strategist and Bustle Studios for a day of pampering, amazing talks and food. A real treat for the 25+ women who joined us in A SoulFULL Affair. 

I offered complimentary headshot on the day and loved meeting so many gorgeous women.  These are a few of the images from the day. 

Enjoy Xx 


Follow These 3 Tips for Beautiful Portraits Anywhere

Look, I'm gonna be real honest with you, I hadn't planned to take any photos at the shooting bays at the Palm Springs portrait conference back in September (*a shooting bay is a station set up up with a back drop and a model ready to be photographed). And I certainly didn't plan to photograph anyone without planning an actual shoot! My inner control freak rarely lets me act all sponteneous and carefree....because that means I don't know what the outcome might look like and let's be honest, THAT freaks me out! Are you nodding right now? Uhuh...you know them feels. 

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