//Body Talk\\

How do you talk to your body? 

Let's put a stop to the negative self talk and start celebrating everything that you are. Your curves, your bumps, lumps and lines. Imperfection IS perfection.

Often it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be and already are, but don’t know how to be.
— Heath Buckmaster


Let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about how you see yourself, your body, as whole and in parts. Let me ask you one question:

How do you feel when you think about your body?

Yeah. I thought so. Me too.

For years, no actually..DECADES…I hated my own body.  The image of myself in my mind was one of being overweight, not desirable, fat, flabby, curves in all the wrong places. Wrong shape of breasts, my waist not being narrow enough, my shoulders too wide and my hips so big that NOTHING would ever fit right. I felt like my entire body was not only fat and ugly, but also completely out of proportion. The sad thing was that I wasn’t overweight. I was a healthy and fit young woman who grew up with a very low opinion of myself.

Sounds familiar?

I spent so much time and energy on trying to change who I was that I forgot to just be who I really am. It transcended every part of my life in a very destructible way (not only physically but also psychologically) until one day I just had enough.






Hello, my name is Stine and I hated my body for the most of my life. I have since grown to accept and love the skin I am in but it's been a long road. The road started with being fed up with trying to be someone that I was never going to be. Trying to look like people I thought were perfect and had the perfect life. If I could give my 15 year old self one piece of advise, it would be:

Learn to show yourself and your body the same love and kindness you show others. 


Let’s stop the destructive patterns of self hate. Let’s set an example of self-acceptance and show the next generation that being who they are RIGHT NOW, whatever shape size or age, is BEAUTIFUL and ENOUGH TO BE LOVED. That it's ok to feel good about what you look like and who you are, despite not fitting into society's ridiculous and unrealistic ideals.  


Be part of the //BODY TALK\\ campaign by booking your photoshoot today. 

Together we will create timeless and beautiful photos that are authentic to who you are. Photos that will signal self acceptance and a love of self, an extraordinary step in your journey towards creating a legacy for generations to come. And show that who you are, is who you were always supposed to be.